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Don’t miss the hottest morning show in the south!  Tune in for the Steve Harvey Morning Show, weekdays 6am-10am.  For the official Steve Harvey site, click HERE.







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    Dear morning crew, today my sister Tatyana turned 33. I thank God he has given her another year to live. Last year this time she was near death. She needs a kidney transplant a.s.a.p. One of our younger brothers were a candidate to donate her a kidney, but, at the last minute they informed us that he may be at risk of developing diabetes in the future. I wasn’t sure what to give her for her birthday, so I asked her what she wanted, her response was “a healthy kidney”. I was speechless because that I could not get. There are 9 of us I am the eldest and she is next to me. If you could just give her a call it would mean the world to her. Despite her current condition she never says no to anyone. She helps out with the youth even when she doesn’t feel well. I thank GOD for my sister & all the strength he has given her. I know you are a busy man, but, I know if she could hear your voice it would make her day. Thank you and GOD bless you.
    KATIE B.

  2. Tyra Mattox Avatar
    Tyra Mattox

    My Favorite Thing by Ron Isley/Kem is not showing on iTunes

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