Lowndes County Emergency Management is tracking the path and development of Hurricane Irma. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irma is forecast to impact the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula by this weekend. Depending upon the path, Lowndes County could experience the effects of Irma by the middle of next week.

Just as local governments are preparing public infrastructure for impact, citizens are encouraged to take steps necessary to protect homes and businesses. Current recommendations are as follows:

 Sign up for CodeRed, Lowndes County’s free emergency notification system by
visiting, and clicking on the storm icon.
 Have an emergency plan in place, for preparedness tips visit
 Those in our community that have sheltered from severe weather in the past,
should make plans for shelter now. While public shelters will be available if
needed, citizens are usually more comfortable sheltering with friends and family.
Do not wait until the last minute to start looking for a place to shelter.
 Pet owners that may need to relocate to a shelter should make alternate plans for
their pets. While some shelters may be pet friendly, there is no guarantee pet
friendly shelter space will be available. In addition, local ordinances require pets

to be properly cared for during periods of severe weather. Pets must be provided
adequate shelter that allows them to stay dry and out of the weather to include
extreme temperatures.
 Update emergency contact lists to include key friends, family, or others to include
service providers.
 Make sure your home/business is free of items that could become flying debris
during a strong storm. Pay close attention to patio furniture and trampolines.
Citizens are encouraged to disassemble trampolines to the extent they cannot
become airborne. Trim any trees/limbs that could cause damage to property.
Please remember that local governments cannot perform work on private
 Generators should be tested and fueled prior to power outages.
 If you or someone you are responsible for are dependent upon electricity for any
life sustaining measures such as oxygen, medical equipment, etc., and do not have
a back-up power source available, plan now for an alternative solution.